Post Natal

While having a baby is often a time of happiness, not all new parents experience this joy right away.

Postnatal depression (PND) is a condition that usually develops within the first year following the birth of a baby. It can affect any parent at any time and may happen slowly or appear suddenly.

Finding support is the first step toward seeking help. Having postnatal depression doesn’t mean you are a bad parent, that you have done anything wrong, or that you are going to lose your baby. Seeking help means you are doing what is best for you and your baby. It’s important to remember that postnatal depression is not your fault. It is never too early or too late to get help. 

Counselling provides a safe and confidential space away from your loved ones to describe what you have been feeling and what has been going on for you. It’s a space to explore your relationships and other aspects of your life to understand your depression.

Counselling for post-natal depression can also provide you with coping strategies and ways to looks after yourself through this experience. Take the first step to coping with your PND and contact me to discuss Postnatal Therapy