Children/Young People

Tailored for children, play therapy is one of a number of methods that harnesses the power of play to facilitate communication between therapists and children, gaining insights into their mental health. Recognizing that cognitive skills often precede language development in children, play becomes a potent tool for comprehension. I  may observe a child engaged in play with toys like playhouses and dolls, using these activities to interpret behaviours and pinpoint potential issues.

Sandplay therapy establishes a safe and protected space, where the complexities of the client’s inner world can be explored. Often young children, clients place miniature figurines in a small sandbox to express confusing feelings and inner experiences. 

This creates a visual representation of the client’s thoughts and feelings and can reveal unconscious concerns that are inaccessible. I do not interpret, interfere with, or direct the client’s sand play but maintains an attitude of receptivity and acceptance, this approach allows the client to bring unconscious material and into consciousness with out fear of judgement or criticism.